South Carolina School of Court Reporting

921 Edgefield Road, North Augusta, SC



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 Qualified, Skilled Instructors Do Make a Difference....

They Produce Competent, Proficient Court Reporters and Transcriptionists



ON-LINE CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE                                               ON-LINE CLASSES NOW AVAILABLE

COURT REPORTING                                                                   TRANSCRIPTION                                                              REDICTATION
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84 Hours                                                                                                                       54 Hours                                                                                                10 Hours

Punctuation and Usage                                                                                                   Punctuation and Usage                                                                           Vocabulary Building 
Court Reporting Procedures                                                                                           Transcription                                                                                          Brief Forms
Transcription                                                                                                                  Formatting                                                                                             Diction  
Formatting                                                                                                                     Transcribing Theory                                                                                Breathing Control
Court Reporting Theory                                                                                                 Computer Basics                                                                                    Formatting
Computer Basics                                                                                                           Transcribing Audio                                                                                   

Perfecting the Mask
Multi-Voice Dictation
Literary Dictation
Jury Charge Dictation
Speed Building

Classes must be taken in three hour increments.    Classes taught by highly skilled court reporters.   Redictation requires three days.

Practice is crucial for success.